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Start Offering More To Your Clients Today

You’ve worked hard to create value and build relationships. Stop losing your clients to agencies with more to offer. As your digital agency partner, we help you increase your revenue today by offering in-house digital marketing services to your agency clients. Generate recurring revenue without increasing headcount.

In-House Challenges

  • Face-to-face staff accessible 24/7 to deal with complexities of digital projects
  • Fixed costs-set salaries and overhead
  • Resources can be allocated to other internal projects
  • Fixed annual commitment to salaries and infrastructure – costs are unsustainable
  • Not easy to scale up or scale back
  • Difficulty retaining exceptional talent

ShoesOptional Solutions

  • Subject matter experts available for meetings or other needs on digital projects
  • Costs are absorbed on a per-project basis
  • No project is too big or too small
  • Already have strategic partnerships with SEO experts
  • Infrastructure is already in place
  • Can scale up or scale down at a moment’s notice
  • Over 20 years of experience in digital arena

Strategic Digital & Content Marketing Alliance


Affiliate Opportunities

For those who want to increase revenue without taking on the added responsibility and effort required to start and finish a project.

Affiliate revenue starts at 10% for the first $10,000 (annual sales). 15% for $10,001 – $30,000 (annual sales) & 20% on all sales over $30,000 (annual sales).

Collaborative Opportunities

Collaborative opportunities would be on a per project basis and budgets would be defined based on scope of the opportunity.

Revenue would be split based on these determinations.

Reseller Opportunities

For those who want to maintain the primary relationship with the client, ShoesOptional would provide complete “white-label” menu of services at a fixed cost, detailed below.

The reseller has the right to mark up the products or services a they see fit.

Monthly fee to include website, access to webinars, direct email and technical support.

* Additional Reseller Information
  • Additional hosting packages are available.
  • Basic Membership referral, waive one Basic monthly fee.
  • Pro Membership referral, waive one Pro monthly fee or two Basic monthly membership fees.
  • Pro Plus Membership referral, waive one Pro Plus monthly fee, three Pro monthly fees or six Basic monthly fees.

All Hosting plans include the following:

  • 24/7 Network Monitoring ensuring sites are always available equaling a 99% up-time guarantee.
  • 2Gb of bandwidth and 1Gb of storage standard with all of our websites. (This allocation should be ample for your needs.)
  • High capacity bandwidth with redundant connections to the major Internet backbones.
  • Site reporting through Web-based, real-time statistics on site traffic; daily, weekly, and monthly reports available. Advanced tracking through Google Analytics also available.
  • Backup services through daily incremental backups and full weekly backups of your critical information; stored off-site.
  • Quarterly Google Analytics report evaluation with us.
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Active Site Security to protect sites against unauthorized access.


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