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Content Marketing That Matters

Building your online presence one step at a time.

Building a Content Strategy that Propels Your Business Forward.

We provide strategic content marketing services for businesses, medical practices, and nonprofits. At ShoesOptional, we don’t do quick fixes. We take the time to help you develop a content strategy that works. Our content marketing services involve more than just writing a blog post once or twice a month. Instead, we help you come up with a 12-month strategy based on keyword and market research, so you know it will work for you. Then, we help you execute the strategy by writing blogs and producing audience-focused video content. We make sure everything ties back to your website and works with your brand. The result: a cohesive content strategy that builds your business. 

Why Do You Need a Content Strategy?

If you want to grow your online presence for your business, you need a content marketing strategy. Content is the best way to get to the top of the search engine results and stay there. A great content strategy is more than just posting random blogs or videos. Your content strategy needs to work with the rest of your marketing efforts. The blogs you write, the videos you create, everything needs to reflect your brand and point people back to your website. You don’t just need content. You need a content strategy that works for your business.

Content Marketing Services that Produce Long Term Results

At ShoesOptional, we understand how much you care about the people you serve. We understand because that’s how much we care about you. So, we want your business to thrive. We want more people to benefit from your product(s). But not just for a little while. For good.

When it comes to expanding your business online, quick fixes aren’t the answer. They may provide relief in the moment, but they won’t last. Sure, you can try the latest quick fix or rely on pay-per-click ads to keep you at the top of search engines, but you won’t see long-term results. Google and Facebook advertisements are an important part of your Marketing RoadMap, but you can’t rely on ads alone to build your business. You need a reliable content strategy that will get you to the top and you there. That’s what we’re here for.

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Four Types of Content

There are four types of content we will create for your business. Every piece of content we create has a keyword foundation and is focused on your target audience. 

Four Types of Content Blogs ShoesOptional


The most common type of content is the blog. Blogs are one of the easiest ways to generate content for your website, and there are several benefits to creating them consistently. Consistent blogs can help you increase your SEO, build relationships with customers, and establish your business as an industry leader. Consistency is key when it comes to blogs, so in our 12-month plan, we will sketch them out for each individual month to make sure you stay on track with focused and timely content that appeals to your target audience.


Videos are another easy way to build your content strategy. They are cost-efficient, versatile, and easy to make. Over the last few years, videos have become the dominant form of content, so having them on your website is also good for your search engine ranking. More than 75% of people watch videos each week, and studies show that simply mentioning the word “video” in an email subject line will increase click-through rates by more than 10%**.

Four Types of Content Videos ShoesOptional
Four Types of Content Client Testimonials ShoesOptional


A PSR post is basically a mini case study. These brief pieces of content focus on how your company provides solutions to your customers’ problems. PSRs are an excellent way to establish your credibility and build your rank in Google. They can include single testimonials from specific customers or several quick interviews from different people. Their purpose is to help potential customers see what your company can do for them. 

Case Studies

Before making a purchase, people want to know they can trust your company. In fact, studies show that 90% of people will look for reviews of a product or service before making a purchase**. This is because people don’t want to invest their money in a service or product that doesn’t work. So, if you are claiming your good or service will solve someone’s problem, you need to back it up. That’s where the case study comes in. Case studies establish proof and leadership within your company’s industry as well as trust from your customers.

Case Studies as part of your Content Strategy

Content Marketing Will Get You Where You Need to Go.

Our content marketing services will get you where you need to go. We care about you and your business. We want you to be able to help more clients. And so we will put in the effort to create a 12 month content strategy that produces long term results. We spend time doing extensive keyword research, audience research, and research on your industry so that the content we create answers the questions your audience is actually asking. It’s not a quick fix, it’s not a shortcut. But the end result, the growth of your business, is worth it.

Content is only a piece of the puzzle.

There’s more to the Marketing RoadMap.

Our content marketing services are part of a larger marketing plan. Our Marketing RoadMap lays out everything you need to build your business in a digital world. Every step in the RoadMap is good to do on its own. But they work even better when they’re done together.

So let’s keep going.