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Ivy Salons

Whitelabel Relationships

At ShoesOptional, we believe in building and maintaining relationships. A huge part of our business is whitelabel websites and marketing projects. We want to partner with other agencies and companies in building websites and providing marketing material to their clients. We will work with you to help deliver the best quality products and services to your clients.

For this project we partnered with Indigo Moon Marketing, a communications firm in Greenville, SC. We were more than happy to assist the Flourish team in building a beautiful, mobile friendly website for Ivy Salons.

If you are interested in becoming a partner with us, please get in touch.

Ivy Salons

Ivy Salons is an Aveda salon Greenville, South Carolina. Ivy Salons is proud of providing first-class hair care. It is the kind of place where clients are pampered and are able to relax for awhile as they get their hair cut and styled. The site we created for Ivy, based on the design provided by Indigo Moon, is beautiful and elegant. From the imagery to the font style and colors, it is easy to see by looking at Ivy’s website the quality of hair care they strive for. A website should really reflect what a business is about, and we made sure Ivy’s site did exactly that.

Because they were impressed with the work we did, we continue to provide maintenance for Ivy Salons in partnership with Indigo Moon Marketing.

The Results

Ivy Salons

Here we have some pictures to show what we did with the Ten at the Top site. If you would like to see the rest of the site please visit https://ivysalons.com/

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