WHY: It Is What Makes YOU Unique

Defining & Sharing Your WHY

Our Mission | Our WHY

We believe you were created to be awesome. Everything we do is built on a relationship focused on helping you be all you were created to be in business and in life. We take the time to truly understand you and your business before offering solutions. Our solutions are easy to understand, visually appealing and tailored to your unique and awesome purpose.

You might call this our mission, we call this our WHY.

We Simply Provide:

WHY: Defined

This is where the magic happens. We take the time to uncover the “why” of your business. Most businesses know what they do and how they do it, but few understand why?

We take the time to uncover the “why” of your business.


You already understand what you do and how you do it, but do you know why you do what you do? The WHY is what sets you apart from your competitor. It is WHY your customers choose you.

Our Approach

What you envision is what we do!

1. Envision

You have a need. You have a project. You have a deadline. You have a vision. You have a budget. ShoesOptional understands that it is truly all about YOU.

From the simple to the complex, ShoesOptional knows what it takes to make your vision reality. Our approach is to turn vision into a reality. What you envision is what we do!

2. Establish

ShoesOptional believes in relationships. You have a specific project in mind. We have a relationship in mind. We take the time to get to know your business. We seek to understand the uniqueness of your business model and what sets you apart from similar organizations. We take a look at what’s been done, what’s worked & more importantly what hasn’t. In the online world, we analyze statistics, rankings and messaging. This is the foundation of building a great online presence.

3. Expect

ShoesOptional works to discover and define expectations. The success of any project is not so much in the execution, but in expectations being met or exceeded. We understands the importance of clear expectations.

4. Execute

With a clear vision and well defined expectations, the execution phase is where all the magic happens. ShoesOptional works closely with you throughout the process to ensure clear communication is taking place. Deadlines for both you and for ShoesOptional will be closely monitored. We understand that there are often competing demands on your time and attempt to work around schedule delays. However, in order to ensure budgets and timelines are managed appropriately, we will be very proactive.

5. Exceed

The approach described above is the “How” of what ShoesOptional does to fulfill the requirements of a project. If that is all we did, you would probably be very happy. We believe in taking it a step further. We want the relationship to count for more than a successful project. We want to exceed your expectations by doing the extra things that make this a memorable experience. With projects large and small, we want you to be proud of the final product. We want to help show the world what your vision has become. Through awards and recognition, we help bring attention you. After all… You had a need. You had a project. You had a deadline. You had a vision. You had a budget. ShoesOptional brings it all back to – YOU.

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