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Branding Services

The starting point of your marketing journey.

Your Brand is the Foundation of the Marketing RoadMap.

A well-defined brand is key to an effective marketing strategy. It’s more than just a logo or color scheme; it’s the experience you want your customers to have when they interact with your business. It tells people who you are and you do what you do. This is what sets you apart from competitors and tells people why they should purchase your product or service over theirs.

What is the Branding Bootcamp?

Our Branding Bootcamp is an eight-hour process spread out over several 2-hour meetings. During this time, we will dive deep into the details of your brand. The Branding Bootcamp sets us up to make sure the rest of the Marketing RoadMap is successful.

Why is the Branding Bootcamp Different?

Take a Deeper Look at Your Brand.

The Branding Bootcamp allows us to dive deep into your company. We start by assessing whether you are new to the market or already up-and-running. If you are new to the market, we can help you a solid brand, but if you’ve already started, we can help you your brand to attract new customers and reconnect with current ones.

From there, we pull away from the typical marketing strategy by asking what you do, how you do it, and, most importantly, you do it. Having a thorough understanding of your brand makes it easier for us to put together a consistent marketing strategy. It will assist us in developing a logo, color scheme, and message for you.

Every other service we offer will then build on that solid brand. Your website will better reflect your business, the content we create will speak clearly to your audience, and your social media posts will enhance your brand. Everything in your marketing strategy should enhance your brand.

That’s why the Branding Bootcamp is the first and one of the most important services we offer. It’s our diagnosis process–how we figure out the best way to move forward. We aren’t satisfied with anything less than the best for your business.

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How Does the Bootcamp Work?

The Branding Bootcamp is a multi-step process. Together we will talk about different aspects of your business and uncover what makes it unique. Then, we will use what we’ve discovered to drive the rest of your marketing strategy.

Uncovering Your Why Branding Bootcamp ShoesOptional


The Passion that Drives Your Business.

Most businesses have a good understanding of what they do and how they do it. But a lot of businesses can lose sight of why they do what they do. And knowing why you’re doing something is important. The “why” behind your business is the passion you have for it; it’s the reason you get out of bed in the morning. It’s what sets you apart from your competitors.

One of the first things we talk about during the Branding Bootcamp is your “why.” In order to build the best brand and marketing strategy, we need to know why you do what you do. Knowing this helps us understand what makes your business different from competitors. And once we know that, we can help your audience know it too.


Defining Your Niche.

After defining the “why” of your business, we need to talk about the “how.” Once we understand the passion that drives your business, we need to know how you execute that passion. When you are passionate about something, it often affects what you do. Maybe the way you provide solutions for your customers, clients, or patients looks different from everyone else. It looks different because you hold your business to a higher standard.

You aren’t satisfied with providing quick fixes for your customers’ problems. Therefore, how you do things is simply different. Or maybe you are focusing on a particular area of your industry. You are passionate about a specific area of law. Or you specialize in a medical procedure that few others do. Whatever the case, there is a passion that drives how you approach your niche. This is what we want to highlight when developing your brand. The way you do things and the reason behind it work together to set your business apart. Once your “why” and “how” are identified, we can start building the rest of your brand.

Branding Bootcamp Defining Your Target Audience


Defining Your Target Audience.

After we understand the passion behind your business and how you run it, we need to talk about who you want to sell to. Identifying your target audience is perhaps one of the most important steps in any marketing strategy. Before we can develop content or build a website, we need to know who it’s being created for. During this portion of the Branding Bootcamp, we will ask you a few questions about your target audience. Once we have this information, we will develop customer avatars for you. These customer avatars will briefly describe the attributes of your target audience. We will then use these avatars as we design your website and create content. 

Messaging and Design Preferences

The first three steps of the Branding Bootcamp give us a solid foundation for the rest of your brand. From here, we start looking at your message. We want to make sure your brand is clearly communicated to your audience. Knowing the why and how as well as who is involved helps us determine the best tone and language to use when writing copy, blogs, or social media posts. We can then help you outline messaging layouts and communication prompts as well. Once we nail down the messaging, we can also take a look at design preferences. During a discussion, we will go over your preferable colors, layout options, and design choices. Afterward, we can discuss the aspects you do or do not like, which will help us in moving forward with the logo.

Logo Design Branding Bootcamp ShoesOptional

Logo Design

Defining Your Target Audience.

We also offer logo design as part of our Bootcamp process. We can design a brand new logo if you are just starting out or we can redesign an old logo for an established business. The logo options we design for you will be based on everything we previously discussed in the Branding Bootcamp. We want your logo to work for your brand, so we will create several designs for you to choose from. Then, we will make edits based on your feedback. To ensure you’re satisfied with the end result, we will do what it takes to make sure it’s exactly what you want.

Bootcamp Wrap Up.

At the end of the Branding Bootcamp process, we will review everything we talked about. You will get a copy of the document with all of your branding information on it. This will include your why, how, target audience, and design preferences. We will also include an outline of the plan we create to help you move forward. This document will serve as our reference when designing your website, creating content, and managing your social media. As we move forward with other marketing efforts, we will make adjustments to your brand, messaging, and design preferences to be sure everything is working for your business.

Branding is only part of your marketing journey.

Branding is important.

We not only want to get to know you, we want to help you succeed. With branding comes more than just a company; we want to highlight your goals and talents as best as possible. Our goal is to create a plan that will do just that. A plan we can follow together, working as a team. This bootcamp does not work alone, however. With the guidance of our RoadMap, we can then provide further assistance in bringing your vision to life. 

So let’s keep going.