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Social Media Marketing Services

Building brand awareness and integrity.

We Take Care of Your Social Media so That You Don’t Have to

You probably already know that social media is a key factor in marketing your business. But if used inconsistently, it isn’t nearly as effective as it could be. A lot of the time, business owners feel overwhelmed by having to keep up with their social media and don’t always know how to use it effectively.

Social media marketing, when done well, can increase website traffic and ultimately grow your business. It takes more than just posting here and there to make it work for you, though. It takes a lot of thought and careful planning. If you want platforms that expand your business, you need a well-developed social media marketing strategy.

We Provide Social Media Marketing Services That Do More 

At ShoesOptional, we provide social media marketing services that do more for your business. We don’t just monitor your accounts or post occasionally; we focus on/look at everything. Our social media marketing services are designed to work with the rest of your marketing strategy to expand your business. The result is better brand awareness, relationships with customers, and business growth.

Social Media Services That Work

Our social media marketing services are designed to help you build your business. We don’t waste your time and money by putting you on every platform out there. We understand that not every social media platform is right for every business. Not every business needs to be on Twitter. If you’re target audience isn’t on Instagram, you shouldn’t be either. 

Our social media marketing services help you stay focused on the things that will actually grow your business. We don’t do quick fixes or push you into things just because it’s the newest trend. We evaluate each platform based on what your business actually needs. 

Getting to Know You and Your Business

We start out the process by getting to know you and your business. Unless you are taking advantage of our other services through the Marketing RoadMap, we will start your social media plan with a phone or video call to learn more about your business and the goals you have for it. We want to make sure we understand who you are, what you do, and most importantly why you do it. When we design your social media plan, we strive to accurately reflect your business in every post, so knowing your business inside and out is a crucial first step.

Auditing Your Current Social Media Efforts

Once we have a good grasp of you and your business, we will perform an audit. During this process, we will take an in-depth look at what you’re currently doing on social media. Then, we will talk with you about your struggles and address any possible drawbacks when it comes to social media. The goal of the audit is to get a better understanding of what needs to be fixed so we can better design your social media strategy.

Marketing Strategy Saves Time and Money ShoesOptional
Mapping Out Social Media Strategy

Mapping Out Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

After we’ve examined your current social media efforts, we will start mapping out a plan for you. This plan will include recommendations for specific social media platforms you need to be on. The truth is, not every platform will benefit your business. That said, we want to make sure you’re on the right ones so you don’t have to do any extra or unnecessary work. We will then outline 3-12 months worth of campaigns and posts based on those specific platforms.

If you’re using our content marketing services as well, we’ll make sure this outline aligns with the content strategy we’ve already created. Additionally, we will include several social media post design options for you to choose from. These samples will be based on what we know about your brand, and they will set the tone for your future posts. This tone should be used consistently throughout each platform you utilize; consistency not only builds trust with your customers, it also strengthens your brand and image.

Creating and Scheduling Social Media Posts

Once you’ve approved your new social media marketing strategy, we will begin putting it all together. We like to stay ahead of the game, so we’ll start creating posts and preparing campaigns right away. The goal is to have several months worth of posts ready to go before publishing anything. We also want to give you the chance to view our drafts to get your approval beforehand. We know how important your business is to you, so we want to make sure everything we post works in your best interest. 

If you decide to book our RoadMap services, we will coincide the social media posts with the other content we create, such as blog posts and videos. The combination will unify your brand because the messaging and imagery on every platform will match. Investing in our marketing RoadMap will allow us to work from the bottom up, ensuring a more consistent tone and style for your brand. 

Creating Social Media Posts
Keeping Track of Your Social Media Strategy

Keeping Track of Your Progress

For your social media marketing strategy to be successful, we need to keep track of how things are going. When we provide social media marketing services, we measure everything and look at what works and what doesn’t. Then, we report it all back to you and adjust accordingly. We want you to be confident that your business will continue to grow.

Social Media Marketing Builds Brand Awareness and Audience Relationships

A website is a business’s director of first impressions, and social media is its relationship builder. The website acts as a virtual greeter or front desk worker while social media acts as a virtual customer service team. The website’s job is to greet customers and make a good first impression on them.

Social media’s job is to be engaging, resourceful, and reliable. People are more likely to do business with a company they’re familiar with, and social media allows customers to familiarize themselves with brands. Not only does it increase brand awareness, though, it also builds on relationships with current customers.

With the use of social media, a business can interact more directly with its audience through posts and comments. The quicker and more frequently a business interacts with their audience, answering their questions and concerns, the more likely it is that they will start or continue doing business with you. This builds trust with customers and keeps them coming back. It also makes them more willing to share your business with friends and family.

Social Media is only a piece of the puzzle.

There’s more to the Marketing RoadMap.

Social media is a great place to build relationships with your audience and increase brand awareness, but you can’t rely on social media alone to grow your business. You need a whole digital marketing strategy. And every part of that strategy needs to work together. Our Marketing RoadMap does exactly that.

So let’s keep going.