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SEO Copywriting Services 

We provide SEO copywriting services for a variety of industries. We work well with small businesses, nonprofits, medical practices, and construction companies. Our clients come from right here in the Upstate and across the country. We work best with clients who understand the need for well-written, SEO focused copywriting.  

Great Copy Adds to the Design of Your Site

Good web design is essential for building a good website. But if you want your website to be found on search engines you need to write your copy with SEO in mind. Great copy doesn’t just add to the design of your website, it supports it. The words written on your website should work with the design to clearly communicate who you are and what you do. When great web design and great, SEO focused copywriting come together, they create a website that works for your business.

Copywriting Services That Make Your Website Stand Out.

The copywriting services we provide are meant to work with the design of your website. We work hard to make sure that every word we write works for your business. We aren’t interested in just filling in boxes. We want your website to stand out from the rest of the businesses in your industry.

That’s why we take the time to really understand both your business and your industry. We want to know more than just what you do, we want to know why you do it. We want to know what makes your busness different. And then, we write copy that reflects that difference.

SEO Copywriting that is Audience Focused

Copywriting That is Audience Focused

Good copy needs to be written with the audience in mind. We work with you to understand the people you serve. As part of this process we will help you create Customer Avatars, which will give us a better idea of who we’re writing for. These Customer Avatars are based on your real customers, clients, and patients. And then we write copy for your website with these real people in mind. 

Copywriting That is SEO Concious

Good copy not only has to be consistent, it has to be written with SEO in mind. SEO stands for Engine Optimization. This is what determines where your website ranks in Google search results based on keywords that customers search for. The more popular keywords in your website that your audience would search for, the higher your ranking. ShoesOptional’s copywriters are well-versed in SEO copywriting and will ensure that your website is filled with the keywords needed to generate a high ranking.

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SEO Focused Copywriting is Only Part of What Makes a Website Great.

You also need great web design.

Great copywriting should work with the design of your website. Amazing words don’t matter much if your website doesn’t look amazing. In order for your website to make a good impression it needs to look good. Our web design services are here to help.

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