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New Website


New Non-Profit Website & Business Development

At ShoesOptional, we love working with non-profits and ministries. We get excited when we see people who are passionate about helping and serving others. 

PrayBefore.org is site devoted to churches and religious organizations. PrayBefore.org specifically provides website tools for churches and ministries. They approached ShoesOptional asking us to help them create a website that would help them serve the community. Their desire is to bring glory to God through their services, and we were more than happy to come alongside them in this project. 

Along with the basic design of the website, we needed to develop the tools PrayBefore wanted to provide for their clients. These tools included:

  1. An interactive PrayerWall that can be customized for each ministry or church
  2. The Blessing Store which is an online community where people can post and meet needs
  3. Screen Accountability through Covenant Eyes

PrayBefore.org not only needed to look good, part of ShoesOptional’s responsibility in this project was to ensure all of these tools worked well. 

ShoesOptional also played a huge role in the business development side of PrayBefore.org. Jerry Sidell, the founder of PrayBefore, met with ShoesOptional regularly to talk through his vision for the site.  

Building & Maintaining a Relationship

One of the best things about developing websites for non-profits is being able to build relationships with the people behind them. As we worked on the PrayBefore site, we developed a strong relationship with Sidell. Sidell continues to look to ShoesOptional for help with the site and advice for developing the ministry. Working on this site has not only led to a business relationship, but a friendship as well.

The Results

Here we have some photos so you can see the end result of the website for Pray Before. If you would like to see the whole site please go to https://praybefore.org

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